I do take commissions, whether that's a project from beginning to end that includes designing new products or making current designs in different colors. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions at

Below is a case study of a project I did with the Los Angeles based firm Commune Design:


Initally we talked about possible ideas for designs that we could collaborate on that would be sold on their website and mine. Two ideas came up, a set of nesting bowls that would nest upwards rather than all being on the same level and a set of tumblers in the same colours that would be sold as a set. The shape of the tumbler was based on one of my existing designs.

I then went away and started making plaster models and moulds, starting with a scaled down version of the bowls so we could see what they would look like, and the tumbler in its actual size. At the same time, Commune gave me a suggested palette of Pantone colours and I worked on creating those colours in slipcast, testing and making samples that we could all look at and approve. 

Once all the shapes and colours were approved, I then went ahead and made samples of them that were then given the final approval and then made and delivered.