About Us

It’s my experience that objects have a life of their own and this feeling is something I’m trying to capture in my work.

I’m originally from London and grew up in an eclectic household full of music, art and books. My father was an Irish musicologist and my mother is an Austrian/Jewish emigre. Both my parents encouraged me and my 3 brothers to stretch our own creativity even as young children. 

I left school at 17 and started working for Virgin Records where I did a long stint on the label side as a product manager working on numerous artists and marketing campaigns. I loved the work and learnt so much while I was there but wanted to expand my world and decided to go to college and do a BA in ceramics at London’s Camberwell School of Art. A couple of years after graduating, I moved to NYC and worked as a prop stylist on numerous magazines and a couple of independent films. My design background really informed my styling work while also pushed me to expand my knowledge and interests in different areas of design.

H for Hannah was inspired by my UK roots, my bone china designs are handmade by a small family run manufacturer utilizing centuries old techniques. They are modern and pared down and can be used everyday and are designed to be held in the hand.

The Jupiter collection is the first realization of my return to making and the culmination of my many experiences. The collection is handmade in my LA studio and comes in 28 colours and was inspired by David Hockney’s pool paintings while the darker hues reflecting my European roots.

There’s great delight in creating objects that have a visual aesthetic and that also have a clear function. My work continues to explore ideas around colour, form, individual and groups of objects.